Day 5 – Norton to Hemsworth

A far better day if only because the sun shone and the paths didn’t tie themselves into reef knots with hidden holes every few hundred yards. We walked at a pace

Sad that so many of the churches seem to be shut. Even the majestic St Laurence Priory, Snaith was shut to the world yet strewn with bunting so I presume it is still used for occasional weddings, the default position for a secular society that does not take the faith seriously but who wants the pretty pictures of a ‘”church'” wedding.

So we are losing our faith with the speed of a hot air balloon spilling air whilst the Muslim community are building mosques financed by Saudi Arabia at an astonishing speed. 259 in Germany in 2015 and 180 in the U.K. so this is an European phenomenon. Do we all understand what is happening here under our uncomprehending noses? The trouble is that anyone who raises concern is called “racist”,and how do you prove a negative? I am bothered that the culture of the UK is altering and no one has been asked whether they want that. Our politicians seem to think that the UK’s traditional liberal outlook on for example women’s equality, gay rights, our democracy,  our freedom of speech, our regard for human rights and our Christian values ( from which much of the above stems) will be absorbed and agreed by the immigrant community. Dream on.


House Rules

When I am King or Emperor – roll on the day – I will make the rules about who can enter the UK and who cannot, and who can stay and who has to leave, crystal clear. I am tired of political correctness, and I refuse to worry about whether or not I offend some individual and their culture.

Here is the letter that I, as prime minister, would send all immigrants when they arrive in the UK.


Dear Would-be Citizen,

Please note that we are really very pleased to see you. Here are some points for you to think about.

First, entry as a citizen into the United Kingdom is a privilege and not a right.

The UK is our home, it is not a hotel.

Our nation’s culture has been developed over many centuries, and it has emerged – bloodstained – from many ghastly struggles, trials and tribulations along the way. Brave men and women have selflessly fought for our freedoms over the centuries, and much blood and treasure have been spent in learning painful lessons. For example, we have learned the hard way how to be a peaceful society, and how to be good British citizens, friends and neighbours. So please respect our ways. And take note: Sharia Law is not recognised in any part of the UK and it never will be.

We speak English… We do not speak Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French or any other language. Therefore if you want to become a fruitful member of our society, please take the trouble to learn the language – or kindly leave.

Most of the people in the UK, however vaguely, believe in a Christian God; our nation’s structures and institutions are founded on Christian principles and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to parade the essence of our Christian inheritance on the walls of our schools and universities. If this offends you, I suggest you consider making another part of the world your home, because our Christian inheritance is part of our DNA.

We are a very tolerant society: we will accept your beliefs – provided of course they do not involve breaking our laws. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live with us in harmony and peace.

We are proud of our history and indeed our colonial past. We accept that like all human constructs, our empire wasn’t perfect – it was a mixture of good and not so good. But if you want to vociferously protest and march against our history and culture, or criticise our heroes, please do so somewhere else.

We expect you to be law abiding. Kindly note that if you prove to be a serial law breaker, you will run the real risk of being sent back from whence you came.

This is our country, our land and our lifestyle. We will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this as we warmly welcome you. But if you are one of those who want to complain and moan about our way of life, our culture, our religion or our proud history, I encourage you to take advantage of one of our great liberties, namely “The Right to Leave.”

You are most welcome in this country – but you really will need to accept us warts and all!

Yours sincerely,

Prime Minister

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    • ANGELA on June 28, 2017 at 11:32 am
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    Hooray for your letter as Prime Minister, Tom, agree with every word! Thoughts and prayers with you as you walk. Angela Honeyford

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