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Lovely words from The Phraser

Georgie Knaggs, aka The Phraser, freelance writer and ZANE Trustee joined Tom and Jane on the last afternoon of the walk and has written this lovely account on her blog: ZANE (Zimbabwe a National Emergency): walking for the forgotten in Zimbabwe  

The Day After

Liverpool A long walk to end the trek at Liverpool Cathedral. On the way we tramped through Huyton where, in 1974 I contested the seat of the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. He was a great man, one of the most talented Labour politicians of his generation, and sixties and seventies Labour was blessed by …

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Day 13 – Widnes to Liverpool

Wickedness and Virtue As soon as the extent of the terror attack at Westminster was known, several friends of the murderer, Khalid Masood, announced that he was a “lovely man, always smiling and joking.” However, after this “lovely” man checked out of his hotel on that March morning, off he went on the rampage in …

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Day 12 – Lymm to Widnes

Carnal Canal  Shock, horror, a vast gay dog shot out of a thicket next to the canal just before Lymm and then poor innocent Moses found himself horribly hidden under a labbymongrel, all set to have his wicked way with him. Reader, when did you last try and prize a rampant dog off another when …

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Day 11 – Cheadle to Lymm

My trip to the important ZANE meeting in London was a success and I will report the implications in another blog at another time. Poor Jane and Moses were obliged to continue to walk through lovely country in slanting rain and mist. We spend the night with a friend I have not see since my …

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Day 10 – Glossop to Cheadle

We walk along the Pennine Way, the loveliest walk we have completed since we mastered the pilgrims way connecting Winchester and Salisbury. On the way we saw a beautiful flock of grey very tough”Herdwick” sheep who come from the Lake District. The shepherd, a jolly man, Sam Sawyer, tells us that they will all have …

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Day 9 – Dunford Bridge to Glossop

Off at seven thirty. A long day today and we are over half way, hooray! I have to nip to London later today  (Wednesday) for a vital ZANE meeting that will affect the lives of a great many people in our care so a break for me anyway as poor Jane goes on walking.   …

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Day 8 – Dodworth to Dunford Bridge

I recall a row between a one time friend and his younger sister. He accused her of stealing his mother’s Tupperware after her death and so he pledged never to talk to her again. Clement and Lucian Freud didn’t speak for forty years after they fell out after a race across  Hampstead Heath. But the …

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Day 7 – Day Off

I see that Archbishop Welby has waded into the political arena with a suggestion that forming some sort of committee of all the talents might take the toxicity out of Brexit. I think he hopes that Brexit might be capable of compromise. As I understand it unless we leave the Customs and Trading Union we …

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Day 6 – Hemsworth to Dodworth

Walking through West Yorkshire I wondered why the litter was even worse than anywhere else we have been to recently. Why are the footpaths unkempt? When I saw the sign that read: ” West Yorkshire: working for peace” (true, I kid you not), I knew why . Is this a stupid gesture of council virtue …

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