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Day 18 – Witch Hunts, Fit as a Flea and Modern Termites

Salem In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” his plot recreated incidents that occurred in the 1700’s in Salem, Massachusetts. In short, there was a witch hunt that only ended after all those who looked odd and had rumours circulating about them had been executed. Now to today’s Westminster. There is to be an “investigation” into allegations …

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Day 13 – Capability and Browns

We walk from Longford to Hilton through flatter and less picturesque country. The paths are overgrown and prove nigh on impossible to pass. At the end of the day we both look like damp wrecks. We stayed last night with a capable and dynamic couple from Zimbabwe who are building up their lives in the …

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Day 7 – One Man’s Meat

We switchback out of Blackburn playing matador to the vast number of fancy cars that seem intent on goring us. Half way down a precipitous hill and a mere foot away from the trafic rode a pretty little girl on a bike at great speed. I reckon she was about eight. I asked her if …

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