Tom’s Walk Blog 2014: Ambleside to Oxford

Tom writes his blog at night with fat fingers on an iPad and it is then spell-checked and posted online each day. You will be able to read entries day-by-day as they are posted.

A fully edited and illustrated version will be printed and sent to all donors after the walk, so if you are a ZANE donor you should receive one towards the middle of September 2014.


    • Dinah's mother on July 2, 2014 at 8:55 am
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    I love reading your blogs,Tom. Thanks for the feelings and thoughts about loved ones who are no longer with us. And talking about death so honestly. It is a great fear for all of us and we don’t address it fairly and squarely.

    I enjoy the dilemma about living in a world where Christian principles are no longer the only principles. I think I would rather live in this kind of “greyness” than in a Western world which was constantly at war and often dominated by the destructive side of the “y” chromosome.

    Love and thanks to you both and Dinah for having the principle of putting the needs of others often, before your own. Hope the weather stays good for your walk.

    Judy Carter. Bulawayo.

    • Guy Wilson on March 1, 2016 at 3:04 pm
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    Dear Tom
    I am looking at BBC Parliament listening to a Richard Benyon speaking very fluently on foreign affairs and president Putin in particular. He must be your prodigy….. Forgive me if I am wrong. I have googled your name and discovered your blog.
    It is twenty years since the Lloyd’s settlement took place and I still keep in touch with various of our old committee members like Clive Francis (Syndicate 334) who has moved from Devon to Herts and sold his house mortgaged to Lloyd’s and completely cleared the mortgage and is now released from the clutches of the grasping institution.
    Clive is now about 87 (I think on 8th May). I was invited to his 80th birthday party which was a grand event.
    His wife is secretary to the Northern Ireland Secretary Villiers.
    I have moved back to my old family farm in Kent (near Manston Airport) and am reliving my teenage experiences driving a Massey Ferguson 135 vintage tractor almost 50 years old.
    I hit the ripe old age of 70 in June last year and I imagine that you are about 75 by now and I trust that this finds you in good spirits.
    With kind regards and best wishes
    Guy Wilson 07900 801143 and 01843 826184

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