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Sep 22

Day 10: Pillerton Hersey to Claydon

A couple of calls that are hard to cope with without giving terminal offence… A dear friend with a great heart want to join our teams in Zimbabwe and “help the poor.” The trouble is that it is not as simple as it sounds. Unschooled friends always need a great deal of looking after and …

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Sep 08

Day 1: Hay to Staunton

We can’t complain about the start of the walk. We were welcomed in Hay on Wye by the newly elected Chris Davies, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and a leading Conservative luminary, Roger White. The loon who devised out first day walking is clearly out on day release and the sooner he is incarcerated again …

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Jul 25

The Day After – Fifty Shades of Name

It’s funny to be back. The tension of the last three weeks has been acute and I keep wondering when I have to start packing or walking or be polite to strangers again. I find it hard to relax and I am finding it to difficult to sleep. I don’t really feel much like sitting …

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Jul 23

Day 23 – Walking with the End in Sight

Jane and I have walked 265 miles from Ambleside to Oxford. We were given a warm welcome at St John’s College in the heart of Oxford. The walk has taken us over three weeks to complete and at times we have been close to exhaustion, when the high hills and the extreme heat proved to …

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Jul 22

Day 22 – Dis-Content Management

Some people find it hard to say “sorry”. For my part I spend a good deal of time apologising. I find it saves time. It takes an act of grace to say “sorry” when you are wrong. It takes even more grace to say “sorry” when you are not sorry in the least… – The …

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Jul 21

Day 21 – Post Script

We recently sent letter to our ZANE donors soliciting support for its clubfoot programme. To remind you, ZANE has been party to transforming the lives of 400 children by correcting their clubfoot conditions; we are embarking on another 400 operations this year. We are hugely proud of this work which is making a real change …

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Jul 20

Day 20- (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction I refuse to believe we are merely walking plumbing machines. For much of my life, I have been searching for something, a way of making a difference and a means of finding some purpose within the chaos. I have no idea why I am driven to seek while others seem …

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Jul 19

Day 19 – All’s Fair in Love and Dinner

A Salty Tale Some time ago, our daughter Clare asked us to supper on the spur of the moment. There was no special occasion – John was away and it was just a last-minute thing. Her three sons were there, and we ate chicken and drank some wine. Just for the record, we eat informally …

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Jul 19

Day 18 – Witch Hunts, Fit as a Flea and Modern Termites

Salem In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” his plot recreated incidents that occurred in the 1700’s in Salem, Massachusetts. In short, there was a witch hunt that only ended after all those who looked odd and had rumours circulating about them had been executed. Now to today’s Westminster. There is to be an “investigation” into allegations …

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Jul 17

Day 17 – Sent from Coventry

We have now flogged through Coventry in a heat wave. I suppose I wasn’t really surprised to hear warnings in the media by the authorities that it was unwise to go out in the sun! How nannyish is this and what a silly waste of money? What have we come to when the authorities lecture …

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