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Jul 01

Day 11 – There but by the Grace of God… – Brockenhurst to Testwood

Stupid Boys   I have asked countless, intelligent women how many men ask them , say at dinner, about their lives and the answer is always:   “None!  They never do anything other than talk about themselves! They bore us rigid with their stupid views and stories about their tedious careers and they even yap …

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Jun 30

Day 10 – Exodus – Freshwater Bay to Brockenhurst

Euro Visions We walk from Freshwater Bay to Yarmouth keeping the sea to our left. The path leads through several miles of dappled tunnel lined with trees crouching to attention and nodding in the breeze to greet us like a parade of elderly veterans. On the outskirts of the port we meet a group of …

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Jun 29

Day 9 – Clumber – Chale to Freshwater Bay

One of the most majestic sea fronts in the world and it’s deserted; miles of tortuous and heathery track with occasional isolated clusters of caravans. Then we walk through the most serious competition to the good old C of E and its Sunday services:  a full scale car boot sale where the burghers of Shanklin …

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Jun 28

Day 8 – A Tail of Three Dogs – Shanklin – Chale

Italian Dreams We talked to two delightful Italian girls, Carlotta and Julia, both formidably bright. One was studying for her PHD in economics in Germany, the other working for Unilever in London. They were both adamant that Italy’s future lies in the Eurozone and they regaded the idea that Italy might revert to the Lira …

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Jun 27

Day 7 – Filling the Void – Fishbourne – Shanklin

Hello Constable We travelled from Fishbourne to Shanklin, about twelve miles. Constable country with the old world feeling about the place as if Dad’s Army might potter into sight at any time. The last three miles were traversed the sea shore. We spend the night in a couple of Victorian cottages sited in a large …

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Jun 25

Day 6 – Royals and Rackets – Day Off

Win/ win A successful businessman and ZANE donor told me that he made his money by stealing from the rich and selling to the blind!  You have been warned! — Wilde Speculation When Oscar  Wilde was asked if he believed other planets harboured life, he said that he did, “Why?” they asked. “Because we are their …

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Jun 24

Day 5 – Reality Bites – Havant to Fishbourne

Lame Excuse I sat and stared dismally at my red and rather swollen left foot. “I don’t think I can walk today dear,” I said to Jane. She strode over to take a look then she grabbed it and gave it a squeeze. I yelped. Jane stared at me with narrowed eyes, then she gave …

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Jun 23

Day 4 – Scrooge – Chichester to Havant

My Left Foot I am in Chichester A&E with a swollen rather painful left foot. The local doctor suggested I should have it X-rayed to ensure nothing is broken. After the X-ray – and what an efficient hospital it is – I walked, or rather shuffled, down a corridor barefoot carrying my socks and shoes. …

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Jun 22

Day 3 – The Selfish Gene – Arundel to Chichester

My Pain, Her Gain Miles walked through a weather forecaster’s nightmare. Each time we put on our waterproofs the sun blazed down and then more or less instantly starts a Noah scale downpour. Eight miles in I told Jane that I was stiff all over like an ancient cart horse just taken from the summer’s …

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Jun 22

Day 2 – Through a Glass, Darkly – Sompting to Arundel

Wilde and Beautiful We stayed last night with the Lears; they are old friends we have known well for thirty years. They live in a glorious farm surrounded by assorted ducks, hens and bees and some of their adult children; they have the rare gift of effortless hospitality. On through the endless suburbia of Worthing: …

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