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Jun 25

Day 5 – Norton to Hemsworth

A far better day if only because the sun shone and the paths didn’t tie themselves into reef knots with hidden holes every few hundred yards. We walked at a pace — Sad that so many of the churches seem to be shut. Even the majestic St Laurence Priory, Snaith was shut to the world …

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Jun 24

Day 4 – Drax to Norton

Another miserable day marching from somewhere called Drax to Norton trying to wade through rights of way now turned into a jungle by neglectful landowners and councils. Okay, why bother to make these paths walkable? I suppose judging from their vast size that the locals never walk. They must spend their time lolling in front …

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Jun 23

Day 3 – Yokefleet to Drax

A long walk from Yokefleet to Drax, which I was excitedly told houses the biggest power station in England – although what you are meant to do with that sort of information beats me. A dreary place mouldering under indifferent countryside, set off with dirty sheet skies, all accompanied by an intermittent drizzle; the mix …

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Jun 21

Day 2 – Welton to Yokefleet

The Tale of Two Cities Yesterday we walked through Hull past the magnificent Humber Bridge which was wrapped in early morning mist. We walked the line of the old docks and read some history. I had no idea of the key role played by Hull and Liverpool between 1836-1914 as gateway to 2.2m European emigrants …

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Jun 20

Day 1 – Hull, Maritime Museum to Welton

Well it’s a roasting day for walking from Hull to Liverpool and it’s best not to think of the distance. I hum the Harry Lauder theme tune as I walk: “Keep right on to the end of the road, keep right on to the end, though you’re tired and weary still travel on etc”. Lauder …

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Jun 19

Day 0 – The Day Before

We are driving up to Hull today. What to do on the way…?   Filling the Void The young are bound by age restrictions when it comes to gambling, drugs or booze, though there are no such restrictions for Facebook, Twitter and video games – which are, of course, highly addictive too. These addictions are …

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Oct 05

The Day After

Like hitting your head on the brick wall, it’s great when you stop. It’s a blessed and sunny day and it’s a great day not for walking. We stay once again with kind and indulgent friends: we get up late and drive slowly home. We calculate how many thank you letters we will be delighted …

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Oct 04

Day 22: Hadleigh to Ipswich

End Game We never saw a signpost to “Ipswich” until today, our final day. I was beginning to think the place was bewitched and did not actually exist,  but at long last we found ourselves crawling through the suburbs  towards our finishing point, the  Grammar School. It is a fine place perched atop a series …

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Oct 04

Day 21: Sudbury to Hadleigh

Well, only one more day to go and then our own bed. Not that today’s experience was anything to carp about: a beautiful warm and sunny day where the cows all smile milkily at us as we pass by. We travel through some of the loveliest countryside we are blessed with in this blessed plot, …

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Oct 03

Day 20: Little Thurlow to Sudbury

A very long walk today, or at least  so it seemed to be! Never ending plodding through ploughed fields, all slightly tilted upwards, managed  to exhaust and drain us of breath and humour in equal measure; we were faced with several hooded paths and collapsing styles all smothered with brambles and vicious thorns that all …

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