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Day 3 – Ozzies, Hacking and Horses

We had supper at the Wheatsheaf in Beetham and we were served by a delightful waitress called Jacqueline (Jax). Jax is the heroine of the day. She looks about 38 and she is a high class copper-bottomed grafter. To pay her way she works full time in a “Help the Aged” charity shop in Milnthorpe …

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Day 2 – Gone with the Wind

Hunt the Slipper   Each time we try and start to walk on time we are disadvantaged to find our shoes have been liberated by Dinah so we have to hunt the slipper all over the garden. Dinah thinks this a great game! She has also perfected the skill of tripping me up, which she …

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Day 1 – Mad Dogs Beginnings, Sad Dog Endings

And so it begins…Recall if you will the ski jumps at the winter Olympics whereby the skier hurtles down what appears to be a cliff and then climbs precipitately up the other side. This is roughly what we have been negotiating as we leave Ambleside on the first leg of “Mad Dogs”. I have been …

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The Day Before – A Breath of Fresh Eyre

Subaltern days I attended a regimental dinner the other day, it was memorable on a number of counts. The first is that I was breathalised on the way home by a couple of smirking cops who saw an old geezer in a dinner jacket. I knew I had had nothing to drink but one always …

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Pre-Walk Check-Up

Never Too Young to Die It all began after the last walk. I decided it would be prudent to see my doctor before contemplating any further marathon treks, so I booked in for a check-up. I had spotted a few symptoms that I will not detail in a family commentary; suffice it to say, they …

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Tom’s Walk Blog 2014: Ambleside to Oxford

Tom writes his blog at night with fat fingers on an iPad and it is then spell-checked and posted online each day. You will be able to read entries day-by-day as they are posted. A fully edited and illustrated version will be printed and sent to all donors after the walk, so if you are …

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