Tom’s Trek 2019

Walking in crisis time

Each year since Jane and I founded ZANE in 2002/3, I used to think that surely things can’t get worse for the destitute people of Zimbabwe. This year, more than any other, the situation has deteriorated to breaking point.

Rampant and growing inflation, chronic fuel shortages, 18-hour daily
power cuts, escalating food prices and a shortage of medical supplies are the new normal. Just one of these would be hard enough to contend
with for ZANE’s beneficiaries, but this combination is today a vortex of
desperation, fear and panic.

ZANE’s staff and beneficiaries tell us that conditions are even worse than
those in 2008/9. The demand for ZANE’s help is greater
than ever.

This is why Jane and I, and our dog, Moses, are walking again for ZANE.
We walk to replace hunger with food, to replace fear with hope for those
with nowhere else to turn.

We walk because we know, with your support, ZANE can make a vital
difference. Your generosity is saving lives.

If you have already sponsored us for ZANE’s work, thank you. Your donation is already bringing comfort to those who need it most. If you
haven’t, please do so.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Tom Benyon OBE

Day 15: Brightwell-cum-Sotwell to Oxford

Home Stretch The last 13 miles at some speed through the outskirts of Oxford via Wallingford.  Then to Christ Church via the Iffley Road to be met by a warm welcoming group. Dear Alannah was there to send us on our way from Canterbury at what seems to be a lifetime ago: there she is …

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Day 14: Chazey Heath to Brightwell-cum-Sotwell

I clambered into a thicket in the deepest wood to, ahem, repair myself. When I emerged I discovered that Jane had gone, vanished, vamoosed into thin air. I shouted to no avail and then discovered that, as usual, I had no idea where I was. Not a clue. There were several tracks all pointing in different directions …

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Day 13: Barkham to Chazey Heath

Arrived knackered at the end of a long and fractious day at Mapledurham- a long way from Wokingham! Much of the walk was on cambered roads through the edge of Reading. Anyone who walks seriously will attest how uncomfortable a material camber can be over even short distances. Vast roaring lorries and dozens of mean …

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Day 12: Mytchett to Barkham

Mugabe I was told it was bad manners to wish anyone dead, but perfectly acceptable to read obituary notices with pleasure. It is in this context I come to the news of Mugabe’s death. He had a choice: either to rule like Nelson Mandela or turn into a tin-pot crook like so many of his …

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